Bat & Bird Boxes

Designed to Blend in With Nature

Bark Boxes

Bark Boxes designed and made by ecologists.

Over 50% recycled materials

Bark Boxes are constructed using an incredibly tough felt made of recycled polyamide combined with a cement and recycled cellulose fibre mix.  The felt makes the construction of curves and more natural forms easy, the cellulose fibre will allow the outer layers to mellow and support lichens and mosses in time.

Each box has a curved back to fit well on a tree, bat boxes have light coloured interior for better inspection. Boxes have endoscope holes for inspection and/or drainage holes.

Prices include postage & packaging (standard delivery areas).

Our Range

The range includes all the common types of tree mounted bat and bird boxes and we can match particular common specifications as required.

Potential options for order include maternity chambers, hibernation boxes, tawny and barn owl boxes, dormouse boxes, woodpecker/noctule and blackbird boxes, but if you have a specific requirement please get in touch.

Because bats and birds have spent millions of years learning to find roost and nest sites in trees, but only a few decades finding traditional bat boxes, many of our designs are inspired by natural tree features.

Because we don’t want to be, a carbuncle on a tree. Simply fit and forget.

10 Year Guarantee

All of our bat and bird boxes are built to a high quality and come with a ten year guarantee. 

Reflecting Natural
Tree Features

As the boxes are built to reflect natural tree features they do not include access doors.  Bat boxes include white internal finishes to make detection of rub marks and droppings easier, and holes for endoscope inspection at the base.  With suitable equipment this can avoid the need for working at height when inspecting boxes.   The designs include features that will catch and retain droppings for DNA identification of bat species.

Entrance areas tend to have disruptive patterning as bats will often choose to roost close to an entrance feature and rely to a degree on camouflage.

Bats and birds do not distinguish between bat tree holes and bird tree holes.  Natural features will be used by different species through the year.  Some boxes are designed for nesting blue tit or starling, but may also be used by bats at other times of the year.  One of our bat boxes was adopted as a roost site by a local blue tit half way through production whilst it was still hanging up to dry.

Biodiversity is Conserved
and Enhanced

If you are losing a tree we can help match the types of features lost to help ensure that biodiversity is conserved and enhanced.

All boxes are covered by a ten year guarantee.  The superficial layers have a high cellulose content, to encourage moss and lichen development, so with time their appearance should be increasingly natural.  Fitting systems are designed for maximum security.

We are happy to build bespoke boxes, whether for dormice or pine marten, or to convert your innovative idea for a bat box to 3d to see if it will work.