The future is bright.

Currently our boxes are entirely hand made.  Each one is uniquely numbered to encourage monitoring and feedback, and designs can be rapidly fine-tuned and improved.  In addition to a standard range of bat and bird boxes we can create one-off designs, and boxes for rarer species such as willow tit.

Bespoke Service

As the boxes are hand finished we have control over the texture created.  With a month or more’s notice we can produce boxes to your specification, and to a colour and bark texture  of your choice.   If you have ideas you would like to try out give us a ring to discuss options and prices.

We have made boxes for barn owl,  dormice and bumble bees and are working on a design for pine marten.


We have put up around 60 of our boxes nearby to monitor their long term success and to fine-tune design.

To better assess the affects of boxes in new plantation woodland, where tree holes are lacking, we are undertaking  two years of monitoring bats and birds at a 15 year old Sitka spruce plantation in Scotland, where a range of boxes will be installed in 2019 for long-term monitoring and to assess which species are influenced by a lack of nest/roost sites.